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Dear Pirate Families!

Dear Pirate Families,

We have had busy week!

Yesterday we were notified that some of our students in grades 5- 12 were in contact with a person at afterschool event who tested positive for COVID-19. The Elementary, Middle School and High School instituted our isolation protocols that are put in place to limit the exposure for all of our students.

At this time students and staff who have known direct contact have been notified and are in quarantine for 10 days. We have been in contact with the Douglas County Health Authority and are following all timelines and guidelines. We appreciate ALL of our families who responded quickly when notified of this exposure. This incident has been a stark reminder of the impact that COVID-19 is having on our community and how quickly it can affect what we do here at school.

This quarantine has also included staff from our transportation department which has impacted how we can get our students to school each day. If anyone out there wants to become a substitute bus driver, PLEASE let us know. There is a training period and licensure requirement that we can support locally. Because of the Licensure requirements – we cannot just place anyone behind the wheel to take our students to and from school.

Although we did not anticipate this happening we are incredibly THANKFUL for ALL of our Glendale families! Your continued flexibility and understanding as we navigate the curves we face each day has been a shining example of what makes Glendale a great place to live. We know that the changes we have had to make for safety have affected each of our families in different and sometimes difficult ways. Please know we do not make them lightly when responding to a situation and how much we appreciate what you are all doing to support schools staying open.

There has also been information moving around the community about school closing and moving back to Comprehensive Distance Learning. The case count in Douglas County has dramatically increased and Douglas County has been placed in the Extreme Category by the Governor. Glendale School District has consistently been following the state Metric (see attached) with regards to in-person and on line instruction. We are also in collaboration with Douglas County Superintendents, our school board and recommendations from the Health Authority. At this point we are remaining with in-person instruction. However, the risk is pretty high right now – and we are facing local impact from the virus. Going on-line remains an option to protect the safety and health of our school community. However we can all work together to lower the impact of this virus and keep school open by:

· Monitoring for symptoms – If family or student have any of the flu like symptoms they should stay home and monitor progression. Call your personal medical provider for support.

· IF you suspect that you have been exposed – Quarantine and call the health authority for support and direction

· Follow public Personal Protection advice – wearing a mask in all settings, washing / sanitizing hands often and follow the 6ft social distancing guidelines.

We appreciate all you do to keep us open to instruction for all of our students!

Douglas Public Health Network:

Oregon Health Authority COVID19 Updates:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


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