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Glendale School District Talented and Gifted Program 


The Glendale Charter School District is committed to an educational program that recognizes, identifies, and serves the unique needs and interests of talented and gifted students in all grade levels, K-12. In compliance with the State of Oregon TAG mandate, students are identified as academically talented if they score 97% or higher on a nationally standardized test of reading or math or intellectually gifted if they score 97% or higher on a nationally standardized test of mental ability.

A student may be identified as TAG in reading, math, intellectual or a combination of these. No single test shall be the sole criteria for determination. Classroom teachers differentiate instruction to address each TAG student’s level of learning and accelerated rate of learning.


Parental Rights

If your student has been identified as Talented and Gifted based on criteria set by the OARs, you have rights as parents of a talented and gifted student. In carrying out the requirements of OAR 581-022-1320, the school district:

  • informs parents at the time of the identification of the child of the programs and services available.

  • provides an opportunity for parents to provide input to and discuss with the district the programs and services to be received by their child.

  • notifies parents of the right to request, at any time, the withdrawal of their child from programs and services provided under OAR 581-022-1330.

  • informs parents of their right to file a complaint under OAR 581-022-1940.

Local Board Policies 

District Policies: 

IGBBA - Talented and Gifted Students - Identification**

IGBB - Talented and Gifted Program

IGBBA-AR - Appeal Procedure for Talented and Gifted Student Identification and...
IGBBC - Programs and Services - Talented and Gifted**
IGBBC-AR - Complaints Regarding Talented and Gifted Program


Instructional services are provided through an in-class model where TAG students are clustered for instruction. In this model, the classroom teacher is the primary service provider. Classroom teachers are responsible for assessing the student's level and rate of learning and providing appropriate instruction. This applies to all grade levels, and for all subject areas or courses. Regardless of the category of identification, all identified students receive instruction at their assessed level and rate of learning in all content areas. Glendale School District offers dual credit programs through UCC

Level of learning is the student's instructional level in the curriculum, the degree of difficulty where the student will be successful, but will encounter knowledge and skills he or she has not yet learned or mastered. Rate of learning is a measure of the pace at which a student successfully progresses throughout the curriculum after being placed at the appropriate level. A student's rate of learning will vary depending on the following:

  • subject

  • point in the learning process

  • degree of interest to the student

  • level of difficulty of the material, and/or

  • learning style of the student

Glendale School District recognizes identifications from other districts and states - as long as they meet threshold of qualifications of 97%ile  and documentation provided to support identification

TAG Contact 
Glendale Elementary - School Administrator 

Glendale MS/ HS - School Administrator

Tag Identification Process  

The Glendale School District identifies students in the categories of Academic Talent in reading and math and Intellectual Gifts.  

Identification is based on multiple criteria that call for a consistent pattern of excellence over time. Evidence will include scores at or above the 97%ile on nationally standardized tests of achievement. Additional information may be gathered including referral forms, classroom performance, grades, and anecdotal evidence. No single test score, measure or evidence will be the sole criterion for identification or prevent a student from being identified.  


Procedures for TAG Screening and Identification  

Gather Nominations  

  1. Nominations are accepted from Teachers and parents – for the K-12 students enrolled. Students may also self-refer.

  2. The district will make available forms for nominations for any student who Teacher, Parent or student feel should be considered for the TAG identification.  

  3. Forms will be available from the front office at each school  

  4. All forms will be given to the Administrator of the school for review.  

  5. All students who complete standardized tests at above 97%ile will be reviewed annually  


When a student has been referred to the TAG coordinator for the school will convene a review including the teacher and parent to review the data provided.

Universal Screenings

I ready - 3 times a year 

Oregon State Assessment grades 3-11


Cognitive Abilities   - TBD 

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