GHS students on timberland
GES kids with recess equipment
Kids sitting in Pre-K
GHS kids with UO mascot
GES kids painting
GES Christmas pageant
Pirate Country hallway
All school photo of students
GHS kids doing classwork
GES kids cleaning courtyard
Students welding

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Welcome to Our Schools and District

Glendale School District, the southern most school district in Douglas County, Oregon, serves more than 300 students from preschool to 12th-grade in our two schools, Glendale High School and Glendale Elementary School.

Meeting ID: 911 634 8820

Wed Oct. 21rst @6pm

Glendale Graduation Video

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Tel: 541-832-1801 ext. 3860

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10598 Azalea Glen Road

Glendale, OR 97442

Kids sitting in Pre-K

Glendale's pre-K class