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John Seidel - M.Ed

PH#: 541-832-1801

A servitude leader is who I am.  Before my career in education, I began my path in service as a Firefighter/EMT.  After 3 years at Rogers Fire Department, and after completing my Associates degree in Fire Science Administration and Management from Northwest Arkansas Community College, I adopted a sibling group of 5 kids, and needed to change careers to be a father who could be more present for my kids. I now have 8 kids and 2 grandkids.  My better half is my wife Marium Seidel.


Through my education path, I continued to serve.  I completed an undergraduate (BA) degree in Middle Level Education from Harding University in 2010.  I've served from substituting, teaching high school math from Geometry to Pre-Calculus, science, 9 years of middle mathematics and coaching sports all in Arkansas.  

I completed my Masters (M.Ed) degree at the University of Arkansas in 2017, moved to Oregon and served 2 years as an Assistant Principal in Cave Junction, Oregon at Lorna Byrne Middle School from 2020 to 2022 with one of my best friends Danny Pratt.  I have served on many committees and led many initiatives that have benefited students and people from the community. I am currently serving on the Siskiyou Community Center Health Board of Directors.  I am completing my Specialists (Ed.S) degree in Superintendency in 2023.

As Principal in Glendale, I am impressed by how the community is rooted in a history of individuals and companies rising to greatness.  I am dedicated to bringing experiences of greatness to the students who deserve a life of abundance in opportunities and success.  At Glendale, our students will be choosing their path, connecting with academic programs and career resources, while building skills and relationships that they can thrive in. 




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